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Mission Statement

Lake Attendance Center Mission Statement

Knowing that all people can learn, and that all people have a purpose, we, the educators at Lake Attendance Center, will prepare each of our students for the next step of their educational journey. In school, as in life, there is always more to learn, more tests to take, higher levels to achieve, and growth to strive for. We will prepare our students for what they will face next. Whether it is tonight’s homework, Friday’s unit test, 9 weeks tests, 1st grade, 12th grade, MAAP tests, ACT, next week’s football game, the band competition, powerlifting meet, college, the workforce or the school bus ride home, we will prepare our students for their next step.

Understanding that the environment a seed is planted in determines whether it will ever bear fruit, we will strive to create and foster a safe, caring, disciplined atmosphere full of high expectations for our students to learn in.

We believe in a community school model and will pursue purposeful partnership with the community stakeholders (families, business, government, higher education) that will result in greater student achievement.